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“Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise.”

A. N. Wilson

About Brain Matters

Brain Matters addresses various barriers to learning and assists
in combating these by using alternative techniques to
help promote academic success.

Areas we focus in:
Concentrational/Focus and Attention Related Issues
Specialised Tutoring
Emotional Well-Being and Counselling

We offer these additional services as well:
Bio Neuro Feedback
Brain Gain

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What is Neurofeedback and how does it help?

Neurofeedback training is a type of biofeedback that allows people to learn how to control parts of their brain function. It depends on biological signals such as the amount of oxygen rich blood that is delivered to areas of the brain. Once someone becomes aware of a biological signal, they can learn to control it.

At Brain Gain, we train people to activate the prefrontal areas of their brain because they are primarily responsible for controlling our attention and focus. When we exercise these concentration centres, blood flow increases locally in order to meet the greater demand for oxygen and fuel. We use near-infrared spectroscopy as a feedback mechanism for the client to learn how to control and maintain their concentration over time.

Brain Matters is the official Brain Gain Partner for the Edenvale/Bedfordview and Greenstone Area.

What is Tomatis

Someone may hear well, but listen poorly

The sound message is correctly heard but poorly analyzed in an emotional framework. The brain protects itself by constructing barriers that can result in the development of various disorders. We say that listening is disrupted

The TOMATIS Method stimulates the brain

You can do the listening sessions repeatedly by using specially designed devices that stimulate the brain and progressively help it more effectively analyze the sensory message.
We say that The Ear is learning to listen.

Well-tuned listening can change your life.

Your ear is not used only for hearing. It also stimulates your brain and establishes your balance. Well-tuned listening is therefore an essential component for promoting personal development.